Marketing as we know it is broken; Let’s redefine it together

The feedback I have received from building on my career as a marketer, an entrepreneur, and a professor, is consistent and clear. I have a gift of helping growth-minded individuals see their potential and use it to transform their lives and careers. I now realize that coaching individuals, teaching university students, and doing a consulting engagement here and there leaves a glaring gap in my impact on individuals and the world. 

Starting today, I am putting all my focus on addressing what’s broken in the world of marketing. And I invite you to join me in the journey.

What’s in for you?

Everything! You will learn to understand yourself and your business in a way you haven’t before. By creating an authentic connection with what motivates you, you can have a deeper relationship with others to propel your business’ voice and profits. 

What’s in it for the world?

At the same time, we will discover, document, and create the future of marketing based on today’s realities. Unlike a trend, fad, superficial marketing conference, or seminar, authentic marketing is timeless. Together we will document and publish our insights on redefining marketing in a way that the world has never understood before.

Why this program, why now?

When I shifted careers from corporate America to an entrepreneur, I was “floundering” for several years. Why? I was applying the same ideas and paradigms that I used in corporate America to my life and business. But the difference between corporate America and life as an entrepreneur is the lack of a safety net. Wasting money and delivering ineffective campaigns have consequences for an entrepreneur. There is much more at stake!

Through teaching and consulting, I noticed patterns in what works and what doesn’t. I began documenting my journey. I now have a body of work, a curriculum, that is different from anything you have ever experienced.

Learning is timeless and ageless

Let’s face it: experience comes from perspective just as much as it does with age, and learning comes from curiosity, connecting ideas, and from an openness to feedback from all angles so you can evolve and grow.

Central to all my experiences is a common theme of collaboration that is timeless and ageless.  I have devised an efficient learning system where the young interact with the experienced, where both have something to give to the other. Each participant in a cohort will have a complimentary marketing partner to assist in the process of rediscovery.

Think of joining one of our cohorts as joining the Better Business Bureau of Marketing.

As you help yourself, your business and connect your movement with those who can benefit most from your contribution to the world, you will be the author of the future of marketing and ensure that it is on par with the expectations and guidelines that it should be known for. 

Look back, act forward; are you ready to leap? 

Cohort 1 Starts in November.

Does this appeal to you?

If so, please comment below, and I’ll share more information on the program.

Jay Mandel is Your Brand Coach and is a marketing and branding consultant and adjunct professor of Marketing. This post expresses my personal views, and my individual are directly connected with my employer because it is me 🙂

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