Modern marketing is personal.

It’s time to challenge the status quo and dig deeper into understanding how “YOU” look at marketing. 

My experience of 20 years in corporate America, doing consulting engagements for some of the world’s top companies, and teaching at some of the world’s leading universities made one thing clear – most people are not sure why they get out of bed.

And the few courageous ones that find what they want to do often struggle for years with no success. After giving my “find your why workshop” to over 500 individuals, I found myself going deeper into realizing the tremendous power and potential that comes from every part of my career, and only I can see and connect the dots from my vantage point. 

My experience helps me realize that most people think marketing smoothly talks people into buying a product—a strategy that generates sales, a promotional tactic, a transaction. And that may be true… But as I progress through my journey, I see the nuances of marketing as an extension of human interaction. 

For me, marketing is not just… 

  • meaningless product extensions that dilute brands
  • fill-in-the-blank templates
  • mindless outsourcing
  • hacks and tricks

And marketers are not just campaign-crushing experts who create pretty presentations.

Authentic marketers change companies, industries, and the world!

Marketing has a bad name, and it is because of bad actors or people who show up and put out ideas, offers, and half-baked products. Or worse, trick consumers into buying things they don’t need and appealing to their insecurities to do it. 

Instead, marketing is personal. It is about discovering problems and offering solutions that matter to you; it’s about innovating together, finding comfort, and most importantly, locating oneself. 

At the same time, I realize that coaching individuals, teaching university students, and doing a consulting engagement here and there leaves a glaring gap in my impact on individuals and the world. It’s time to deliver more results. It’s time to take all the lessons I have amalgamated across my career and package them to help you build a meaningful brand and business.

When the heart comes together with logic and structure, magic happens. 

My gut tells me that I am in a position and have the responsibility to myself and others to help more people understand marketing in a way they have never understood before to propel their voice, impact, and profits. 

This is my time; this is my legacy. 

Can you say the same?

Next week, I will clarify how we can chart your future and redefine what modern marketing means!

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