Eric Tash, Worthy for Thirty

Values + Promise + Platform 

Eric Tash is an experienced marketeer and friend. With the help of Your Brand Coach’s proprietary core value system, we partnered to define a promise he can keep for himself and his audience.


Building from our work together, Eric courageously conceived and brought to life a podcast called Worthy for Thirty, where he interviews successful people who do well by doing good from different industries.

Eric invites and speaks to business leaders leading successful businesses, from senior management to nonprofit founders to entrepreneurs.

Around twenty-five years ago, Eric’s dad, an accountant, decided one morning to get up early and go to a business networking meeting to connect with other business professionals. After a few months, he noticed that he was growing his practice. Eric’s Father taught him, “Growth happens when we put ourselves out of our comfort zone.”

Eric wanted to start a podcast but hadn’t found a good reason. So I helped him figure out why he wanted to create one, and then I provided him with a structure. For Eric, the process of hosting and editing podcasts is an uncomfortable zone that he’s become familiar with over the past year.

Watching Eric draw inspiration from his father’s decision and starting his venture strengthens my confidence in authentic entrepreneurs willing to learn and evolve solely for their dreams. These are the ones who can make a promise and keep it.

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