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I'm Jay Mandel, Your Brand Coach!

I love meeting people and hearing their stories; this affinity is driven both personally and professionally. Individuals with varying levels of experience and cultural history always have a unique value to share that adds to my gradual transformation as a person.

As a brand coach, I offer insights to my clients from my extensive experience in the corporate sector. My brand is more than just about mentorship; it is about emotions, relationships, experiences, accomplishments, failures, and so much more. It is about discovering what drives an individual and determines who they truly are.

Sessions end, but stories don’t.

  • For me, self-discovery is the first step towards establishing one’s brand.
  • And conversations with clients leading to that exploration give both parties something to ponder upon even after the end of my services.

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Core values
We’ll start by defining your core values. Even if you have values already, we will together make sure your values are unique and differentiating. Core values are aspirational and should not change often, if ever.
Marketing Promise

Next, we will develop a simple marketing promise that connects with your target audience. It is your unique selling proposition based on an emotional relationship between a brand and its clientele.

Your Roadmap

Your experiences make you unique, meaning that you cannot benefit from one-size-fits-all guidance. You need a customized plan to suit your core values and brand objectives, and we will draw it together.

The Movement

Do you know what defines an excellent service? When the customer remembers you or your gestures as a brand representative in a positive light. We will then brainstorm on strategies that can leave a long-lasting impression.

Build It

Once the plan is ready, we proceed with its execution. Different teams come together, contributors pitch in their ideas, and then we meticulously put our plan into action.

Refine It

Upgradation comes after feedback, so we must constantly receive and review customer experiences to refine our approach.

Find your voice; define your path

Succeed on Your Own Terms