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Coaching Programs

My coaching programs are built on a structured methodology outlined in my book, Brand Strategy in Three Steps, following a straightforward, step-by-step approach:

    • Identity: We’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, helping you define your unique goals and aspirations.
    • Intention: Together, we’ll set clear and actionable goals, translating your vision into a concrete roadmap for success.
    • Implementation: We’ll move into execution, putting your plan into action. 

In addition to my core program, I offer a specialized package for marketing and advertising professionals. This program equips you with the tools and strategies to navigate the ever-changing industry, elevating your brand and content creation. Leveraging my experience as a thought leader speaker, author, and marketing veteran, I offer valuable insights to help you “see the forest through the trees”. My proven approach will empower you to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Want to Make a Greater Impact with Me?

Join The Marketing Accountability Council (MAC)

Lead the Way in Authentic Marketing

Shape the Future of Marketing by Championing Authenticity and Integrity.

The Marketing Accountability Council (MAC) invites you to be a part of its founding advisory board, an exclusive opportunity to influence and guide a pioneering initiative in the marketing world. This is your chance to play a crucial role in building a community that values and upholds genuine marketing practices.

As an advisory board member, you’ll enjoy these key benefits:

Strategic Influence

Help shape the direction and policies of The Marketing Accountability Council  (MAC). Your expertise and insights will be instrumental in setting the foundation for this community and its future initiatives.

Early Access to Research and Insights

Gain first-hand access to cutting-edge research, surveys, and marketing insights generated by the Center. This information
will be invaluable for your own brand strategies and consultancy services.

Networking with Industry Leaders

Connect with a network of like-minded professionals and industry experts. These connections can lead to collaborative opportunities and enhance your professional network.

Enhanced Professional Stature

Being part of the advisory board positions you as a thought leader in authentic marketing, elevating your professional standing and influence in the industry.