I broke free from

the conventional.

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So can YOU!

Marketing and Life have a lot in common – right from the
age-old rules that don’t work anymore to the granular path
everybody follows without a second thought.

It is only when you go beyond what’s inherently visible that
you find real gifts and rewards, both in marketing and life

You Deserve an Authentic Life and Brand, one that’s free
from society-inflicted Constraints.


Do you often find yourself
struggling to build a 30,000
feet vision of your life and


Do you lack clarity, both
professionally and personally,
yet often try to find ways to
build a fulfilling life?


Do your 3 AM ceiling stares
provoke you to break free
from the status-quo and
build a life on your terms?

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If you answered yes to any of the questions above,

Been there, done that, and let me tell you
It’s not easy to embark on a journey where
the unconventional is the new norm,
where conformities turn into possibilities,
And where you choose to be unapologetically you.

Hi, I’m Jay Mandel, and I believe that thekey to unlocking your authentic potential lies in embracing your true self.
As a fellow marketer, coach, consultant, business owner, and solopreneur, I’ve touched most of the uncharted territories your journey will bring forth.And I’m here to guide you on thistransformative journey.

The Problem

Chasing Someone Else’s Dream

Often, we find ourselves chasing someone else’s dreams or
conforming to a cookie-cutter life designed by others. This disconnect can leave us feeling unfulfilled and lost, longing for something more authentic and genuine.

Meet Your Guide- Jay Mandel

Just like MOST of us, I spent the first 2 decades of my adult life living
someone else’s dream.

There I was, stuck in the corporate grind, trying to fit into someone
else’s mold. But my heart yearned for more – for authenticity, for
purpose. I soon realized that to find true happiness and purpose in my
life and work, I needed to break free from the expectations of others
and embrace my unique identity.

The Plan: Unleashing Your Authentic Potential

Discover the power of identity, intention, and implementation powered by tailored solutions
designed to elevate your brand and transform your life.

Brand Strategy in 3 Steps
The Book

Unlock the secrets to creating an authentic and
consistent brand strategy

In my new book, Brand Strategy in 3 Steps, I break down
the process of crafting a powerful brand strategy focused
on your company’s core values. By following this innovative
approach, you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on your brand identity
  • Set meaningful intentions
  • Implement a purpose-driven strategy

Consulting Services
For Brands and Enterprises

Experience personalized solutions tailored to your unique brand needs.

My consulting approach is designed to help you define an effective and
efficient model for delivering emotional and meaningful connections
with your customers.

With my proven methodologies, you’ll:

  • Discover your brand’s core values and identity
  • Develop a compelling marketing promise and point of differentiation.
  • Craft a customized roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Implement a value-driven brand strategy that connects with your

Are you an enterprise in search of a
breakthrough marketing strategy?

Coaching Services
For Individuals

Unlock your true potential with a personalized coaching experience

As your coach, I’ll partner with you to develop a customized roadmap to
attain your personal goals and career aspirations.

Through one-on-one coaching with me, you’ll:

  • Unearth your personal principles and core values
  • Define your unique promise to yourself and others
  • Design a tailored plan to attain your career aspirations
  • Navigate your professional journey with authenticity and intention

Are you an individual seeking
growth and clarity?


It’s Time to Lead with Courage!


Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back
from living an authentic life.
Let me help you avoid the tragic ending of living a
life that isn’t true to who you are.
Whether you’re a brand or an individual, it’s time
to redefine yourself. And I am here to help.

I’m Jay Mandel: Join me as we redefine success, discover your true identity,
and unleash the power of your personal and professional potential.