Need Career Clarity?

You may spend most of your time at work.

However, most people pursue jobs that don’t align with their core values.

If you focus too much on making money or having fun, it might be worth looking for something else.

 Your path to a rewarding profession begins by aligning who you truly are with what you truly love!

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Need Career Clarity?

Your job might take up a considerable part of your life – 90,000 hours, to be precise.

Yet, most of us spend this time pursuing careers that don’t align with our core values. 

If you make your career choices focusing on the fat paycheck it comes with or the numerous holidays it incentivizes you with, it’s time to look beyond that. 

Whether you’re a college graduate or a job aspiring professional, your pathway to a fulfilling career starts with aligning “Who You Truly Are” with “What You Truly Love!”

Let me be your guide in this process! 

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Your Brand Coach Methodology

Aligning Purpose, Core Values, and Career Goals Together

We all have something personal that we want to make universal—a fulfilling vision that wakes us up early in the morning or keeps us wide awake at night. It’s a wonderful image of the future created by our efforts, and the thought of making it come to life excites us. So what’s keeping you from pursuing that dream? Your idea is valuable; its impression on the world can be colossal; you just need the support to make it happen.

Radical Candor

It’s a sum of caring personally and challenging directly, thereby allowing me to be an emotionally and rationally balanced guide to help you get to where you need to go.  

Simple marketing promise

I believe that every product/service has something more to offer that goes beyond its material value.


It is parallel to mission-vision-values and will help you evaluate your business/career/life goals in a bigger context.

Power of Process

Your skills, mindset, and efforts work in sync with each other forming a certainly unique process. It helps in creating synergy.

Market as Microcosm

I think of the market as a microcosm of the real world where there’s competition, harsh criticism, division of responsibility, accountability, successes, and failures.

Discover your Voice

It involves evaluating an idea’s practicality, understanding core values through research and conversation, and diving deep into self-awareness & wisdom.

Being a Brand Coach and a Professor

People say that you only live your life once, but I would argue otherwise as a professor. 

Despite having made a career out of my preferences, guiding ambitious and talented students helps me live my dream multiple times. This experience enables me to pour everything to ensure that nothing gets in my students’ way of fulfilling their career goals. 

I feel more of a life coach in the classroom than a professor because I make sure that my students apply what they learn in class beyond its walls. 

To live my dreams through my students is the greatest gift I could achieve as an educator. As I guide, I train and show my mentees the window of life beyond their potential & see them accomplishing their goals. This feeling is the greatest in the world. 

Find your voice; define your path

Succeed on Your Own Terms