You Dream, and We Make it a Reality Together!

“Dream + Believe + Align = Achieve“

I offer my clients a complete consulting package to help them establish their brand identity and market collateral based on where they are presently and where they see themselves in the future. 

Set realistic goals, but don’t be afraid to dream unrealistically because that’s what makes you a visionary leader.

The Your Brand Coach Team

Leaders extend parts of themselves into their team members so that all of them can function as a single unit in harmony. 

Being a consultant, I function as an extension of your team, offering you the team you need, when you need it. 

Throughout our work together, I  may introduce you to strategists, creative directors, content developers, and coders.  What’s the difference between this team and most others?  We are all aligned in similar values, work ethics and have been understanding and addressing client needs for years together!

With collaborative experiences, we nurture the process of growth to build something your audience would value.

The Team

Joao Pereira

Art Director | Branding Expert | Logotype Designer | Web design

Harshit Bhatia

Content Strategist | Copywriter | Brand Storyteller


Strategic Planning

The particulars of running a business need professional attention, which is precisely what I offer as a consultant.

Sales Promotion

Promote your brand to the right people following the right strategies. Let’s go beyond tactics to look at the bigger picture.


Your product/service is a microcosm of your philosophical outlook towards life. We help to create the difference you wish to make through your brand.

Content & Social

Increase your online presence with search engine optimized content and interactive social media engagement.

Web Design

Your brand website introduces your clientele to your vision for the world. I work with experienced web designers and developers who understand your brand’s voice and ensure your website exudes clarity and coherence.

Find your voice; define your path

Succeed on Your Own Terms