When vision becomes reality

“In order to create a life you truly desire, you also have to be willing to destroy the shit that isn’t working.

So many of us avoid looking within to do this work because we’ve been programmed to stay safe and small within our comfort zone. So instead of risking failure by pursuing our dreams, we stay for years at a job we’re not passionate about but pays well, a relationship that doesn’t satisfy our soul but that is stable, or a persona we’ve been playing that no longer fits us.”

In corporate America, I enjoyed my work, but as I grew in my posts, I began to feel a need to use my skills more fully and independently.To do this, I had to reimagine and recreate at age 40 the life I had been living and the goals I had been pursuing. I had to step out of my comfort zone. I had to lay it on the line or go back to accepting an exciting but unappetizing career.

The result is a career and life that builds on my strengths and interests. This August is a truly special month, I have watched my entrepreneurial vision start to become a reality. There is no turning back now!

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