Should I put hobbies on my resume?

HOBBIES on your RESUME: Yes or No?

I agree that it is essential to pursue hobbies to round you out as a person and a professional. But I advise clients to emphasize content creation and networking because the resume is not the only game in town.

I have developed a process that helps people see through their passions with a “movement.” The movement is the equivalent of your book (e.g., Lean In). It’s what you stand for and what you will not.

So, I recommend movement in the resume when you have realized results from your movement, but to say, “I like gardening” doesn’t do much for me. Instead, how impressive would it be to say, “based on my passion for gardening, I established business from my hobby and currently sell every weekend at the farmer’s market. It is now a viable part of my income and allows me to connect with the community.

What better place than LinkedIn or a blog to establish your leadership in hobbies that matter to you? It separates you from others who are hoping that someone will find a line on their resume about a hobby.

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