Trust the process?

Someone once told me to “trust the process” and then gave me lots of reasons to not trust the process based on his actions and the process in place.

While I trust the process in many situations, I have seen “the process” not work too many times to put my faith in “the process.”
A safe example to share is a recent call customer service to Delta Dental Ins.
I waited on hold for 30 minutes while hearing a recording saying how important I am to them.
Then a rep gets in the line and the rep says a corny line about how she “can make me smile today.” I told her that line feels insincere having waited 30 minutes.
Then, when she wasn’t able to help she asked me if she could help with anyone else! No!
Then she sent me to another rep, who couldn’t help me, who sent me to another rep who answered my question. The answer to that question was that the insurance company doesn’t have a plan that I can purchase to see my current dentist.
This was a process concocted by someone who obviously didn’t listen to the calls that “may be recorded for quality assurance.” A person who likely didn’t interview reps to figure out a better script, a person who could have hired more people to decrease wait time it invested in tech to streamline things.
Do you “trust the process?”

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