On awareness

When you are aware, you have the capacity to change and grow. When you are not aware, not only will you not grow, but you limit the growth of all the people you engage with, whether you know it or not.

To be honest with yourself and others, requires looking at yourself and having a perspective on what you stand for and what you want for yourself; if you are honest with yourself but lack empathy for others, you are off-balance, and things won’t work out either.
Now is the time to take yourself seriously. Act on your perceptions and feelings, be cognizant of your contributions or lack thereof, and you will be able to further your awareness of what you need and what those who are important to you need.
That means no avoidance of things that really bother you. Instead, challenge assumptions, keep an open mind, stay focused but at the same time have boundaries, understand your emotional triggers, embrace your intuition, and practice self-discipline.

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