Intentional Goal Setting

Thought leaders and strategists rave about the multiple steps involved in setting goals. But I believe there’s a driving core central to the entire process: self-motivation. The most important thing to ensure the completion of a goal is keeping the stakeholders committed to it throughout. So how do you motivate your employees relentlessly to see the process to the end? By giving it a meaningful purpose that also caters to their personal goals.

The key is to enable individuals to harness their imagination and connect their identity with what’s required to meet an objective. My job as a strategist is to temper your team’s passions into a process and link it with what they strive for.

Individuals are bound to stay motivated when they can envision the impact their participation brings.

To bring the company goals to fruition, we will use my 4-I Methodology, which plays on self-motivation and empowers participants emotionally.

The Approach:

  • Discovery: Leadership strategy is where all the magic happens. What your leaders envision for the company trickles down to the rest of the company. If goal-setting is the first step, then discovery is the zeroeth step where your goals are realized and envisioned. This is where I come in.

I meet with your company leaders to discuss what you want your business to look like in the coming years. We will also address the gap between knowing and doing by checking prerequisites such as goals for goal setting, business drivers, and hard and soft skill-development needs. Furthermore, we lay out the management’s role in implementing the communications strategy to ensure employee engagement. Once your goals are discovered in an actionable format, we move ahead with the process.

  • Team Meeting: I host a 1.5 hours workshop introducing the concept of Identity, Intention, Implementation, and Impact to the marketing team. As homework, the team will need to meditate on their core values. This session also expects the active participation of senior management, who will translate the findings to employees in the most comprehensive and executable way. 

Discovery is my part, while delegation and execution are yours!

  • Workshop: This step aims to connect the participants with the company goals, motivate them towards accomplishing objectives, and give their professional dreams a meaningful purpose. The goal is to visualize and manifest the future we seek through this workshop and feel empowered. Here, we build on the concept of Identity, Intention, Implementation, and Impact while refining the core values created in the first session. As a result, participants will leave with core values, a marketing promise, and a high-level understanding of how they can profoundly impact the company’s goals while introspecting and realizing their indispensable role in the bigger picture.
  • Follow-up: An essential part of tracking a plan’s success is ensuring stakeholders’ accountability. We follow up on the achieved objectives and hold each other accountable for their role. As a tracker, we will meet on three quarterly check-ins to cover how the set goals materialize and whether any refinements/improvisations are required. As additional assistance throughout the process, I will interact with involved individuals to address their concerns during office hours. This step will also keep the excitement and enthusiasm going!

With these steps in place, the process of meeting your goals in itself would be a gratifying process for your team. The joy of success is a different matter altogether!

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