How to create and maintain momentum

Momentum can be lost just as quickly as you gain it. It is something that must be maintained, if not increased. 

We all study things in school that we find useless in our career goals. But most of us fail to see the bigger picture. This bigger picture takes us beyond what’s visibly available at the moment, and opens our eyes to possibilities that might otherwise remain unnoticed!

Do you remember learning about the concept of momentum in physics? The definition told us that the linear momentum of a moving body is directly proportional to the product of its mass and velocity. 

Seems complicated? A bigger picture might make it simpler for you. I see momentum as a fundamental shift in the way business can be done. 


As a Branch Coach, I have started to see things for their philosophical value instead of accepting what is overtly visible. I look for the truth everywhere: in old sayings, simple human gestures, life values, and even physics formulas!

And this simple formula precisely is what I use to derive a basic yet monumental principle for the business realm. Momentum, for me, is what keeps you going against all the odds. It is what you get when you multiply the mass of your objectives with your level of dedication. The mass of your goals is how much value your aspirations carry in your career. And commitment is the equivalent of velocity, reflecting how much you’re willing to work hard to seek what you desire.

When you have these two things multiplied, the product you get is momentum — the passion you accelerate towards success. This formula isn’t so foreign to a businessperson now. 

This philosophical perspective—your momentum—is what sparks in you the urgency to innovate, create, and design. It introduces you to new possibilities and makes your approach towards life flexible and positive. You warm up making changes in yourself for the better and overcoming your limits with every realized dream. 

You attain momentum in the presence of mass and velocity. It requires raw material to come into existence. And you are the one responsible for bringing that equation to life.

When momentum fizzles out, it indicates that you have done something to limit the fuel it runs. You might be doubting yourself, or may have started to lose focus of your goals; the reasons for your momentum to dampen are too many!

I have ardent clients who challenge their boundaries and are willing to try new things when I work with them. Can feel their momentum rising. On the other hand, I have also had experiences where some clients get uncomfortable quickly and are so cautious that it even hinders their growth. And once it happens, the momentum breaks it is hard to get the momentum back!

You must be thinking, how do you keep your momentum going?

  1. Prioritize what you’re working on: If you love something, ensure you’re giving your all to achieve it!
  2. Eliminate distractions: Opportunities will be too many; try not to get distracted by all of them!
  3. Stay focused on heading in the direction you choose: Once you pick a path, commit to it.

Momentum powers the initiative you take at every turn of your life, make sure to keep feeding it fuel. As I learn and grow with time, I put the newly imbibed knowledge into practice. And now as an adult, I dislike my physics classes from high school a little less!

Some quotes on Momentum:


  • “Momentum is everything in business. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t keep pushing, keep feeding it fuel, it’ll just fizzle out. My failures taught me that the hard way, but now I understand: never stop nurturing that forward motion.” – Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx


  • “In athletics, momentum is like having the wind at your back. When you’re in the zone, every step feels effortless. But you have to build that momentum, rep by rep, day by day. Every drop of sweat, every early morning session, it all fuels that unstoppable feeling.” – Serena Williams, tennis champion


  • “Creativity often comes in bursts, but those sparks need tending to. I feed my momentum by immersing myself in inspiration, experimenting, and never shying away from failure. Each piece, each exploration, builds upon the last, creating a unique artistic journey.” – Ai Weiwei, artist and activist


  • “Scientific breakthroughs rarely happen overnight. They’re fueled by the slow, steady burn of curiosity and perseverance. Each experiment, each analysis, adds another brick to the foundation of knowledge. That’s how you build momentum, inch by inch, towards uncovering the universe’s secrets.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

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