Redefining niche as a way of life

If you are happy with seeing your work only as a source of income then I am not your coach!

Oftentimes, the things we love become our source of income, and other times it remains a hobby we pursue on the side. The fact that it stays within declares how much we want it to define the way we live our lives. We let ourselves be led by our passions, a childhood dream, a midnight realization, or simply a lesson we learn with time, just because we love their presence.
We hear great things about successful people, but don’t think about the choices they make to chase their dreams. Steve Jobs, for example, was not born a tech businessman. He dropped out of Reed College in the middle of his education because the tuition fee was too high for him to bear. But when he left his education, he didn’t put everything he learned behind, instead, he carried the knowledge and culture from his classes forward. Apple owes its products’ sleek design to Job’s calligraphy classes. 
Who could’ve thought that calligraphy could inspire portable communication devices? But Steve Jobs did it. His creativity allowed his knowledge to cross conventional boundaries. Sometimes we go in a different direction than we originally plan, and that becomes a better chance at learning more about ourselves.

Creativity and curiosity helps me see beyond my career

This small internal aspect of our lives guiding us throughout is what I call one’s niche. After years of experimentation and meeting hundreds of people, I have solidified my niche as a coach. Working in different domains exposed me to various kinds of mindsets I would have to keep if I choose to walk down a path. 
And finally, it dawned upon me that rigidity of thought cannot contain me. On the broader view, creativity is my niche, and everything I do is backed by creativity and crafted for creative people.
My approach to work embraces fluidity. And the reason my coaching is open-ended is that it allows my clients to visualize possibilities and decide for themselves. My target audience is mostly creative people who are open to change and are not content with the status quo.
It is, in the end, all about how you think; my job is to help your potential surface

The work pillars supporting my career as a coach are:

  • Your core values: I guide clients to discover their core values to form a brand philosophy. Core values are not about business – they help you measure your progress in life and in work by knowing what you stand for.
  • Your marketing promise: After you articulating your values, which are high level and aspirational, it is critical to translate into something shorter term that fuels connection with a very specific audience. 
  • Your movement: For a brand to be recognized beyond its name, a movement is necessary to be an identifier. If you were to write a book, what would its title be? Think, what’s your equivalent of “Lean In?”
  • Your action plan (roadmap): The execution part is where most fail, and I ensure that it becomes the stepping stone to success for my clients.

I have convinced people from diverse professions to work with me, but the only ones who end up walking alongside me are the ones who see creativity as their driving force, irrespective of their identity. Such people might be aces in their fields, but always leave scope for exploration. 

And the joy of working with like-minded people is like driving my car with the windows down at sunset. I think of myself as a curious traveler who is not in a hurry to reach the destination. My creativity allows me to imagine and enjoy a long drive on a road where my heart is content and the sun never sets.
If you are happy with seeing your work only as a source of income then I am not your coach!

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