July 2021

Redefining Professionalism – Looking beyond transactional relationships

Professional relationships are of two kinds: transactional and relational. Let’s explore both together. A transactional relationship is where you get and give exactly what you think you need—nothing more and often less. There are rigid boundaries in the exchange between involved parties. If you look at the contract, the goods were delivered and received. On …

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Radical candor

Radical Candor = “Care Personally” + “Challenge Directly.” Caring personally is all about doing the things that you already know how to do in your personal life – and bringing it to work. Like acknowledging that the people you work with have lives and aspirations that extend outside of work. Like making time for real …

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On awareness

When you are aware, you have the capacity to change and grow. When you are not aware, not only will you not grow, but you limit the growth of all the people you engage with, whether you know it or not. To be honest with yourself and others, requires looking at yourself and having a …

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