My role as a professor, a brand consultant, and a coach

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted positions as an adjunct professor of Marketing at Fordham Gabelli School of Business and Fashion Institute of Technology. Classes begin this week!

My new positions round out one-third of my diversified career.

I am a coach
I am an educator
I am a brand consultant

My job as an educator covers all bases!

I teach graduate students in the Digital Marketing Master’s degree their final class at Sacred Heart University Jack Welch College of Business & Technology. I remain fully committed to my students and the team at SHU, especially Gerardo Moreira, PhD.

At Fordham, I have the honor of teaching Undergrads their first marketing class!

I’ll be teaching Undergrads an entrepreneurial marketing class at FIT.

And, I love teaching working professionals workshops on how to build a memorable brand through the Association of National Advertisers.

As I look ahead to the new roles in my life and career, I realize that serendipity is a massive factor in how our lives and careers unfold– And serendipity isn’t just luck!

I planted seeds to make the FIT and the Fordham job happen.
First, Marni Gordon from the ANA recommended me for a clinical professor position at Fordham that didn’t work out. I met Mohammad G. Nejad in the process, who invited me to be an adjunct professor several months later. As you can see, being an adjunct fits my schedule much better than being a full-time professor!

For FIT, I met Professor Naomi Gross at my cousin Jeffrey Emanuel’s wedding in January 2020, who connected me to Albert Romano and Ted Schachter soon after that. Then COVID happened. A year and a half after we met, Albert Romano offered me, my FIT class.

I am grateful to each of you who have given me this opportunity and am genuinely looking forward to being in the classroom again in person.

The lesson here is that serendipity doesn’t just happen. There is a time for everything, but it is not your time; it is the time when it’s right to take place.

The positions I have in my life as a coach, educator, and consultant are all coming together to create a diversified career, and even though it didn’t happen as I originally imagined, it is on my terms! And you can do the same.

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