The Aha Moment!

It’s not often that you get chased after class by a student who has a💡 moment.

But that just happened.


The stakes are high, and the assignment is authentic and relevant.

Students have been participating in the Consulting Cup at Fordham Gabelli School of Business for over a decade. The project has evolved to a well-oiled machine of cross-functional, cohort teams who study marketing, management, accounting, and communications in an integrated fashion.

Each cohort is divided into six teams that research and define a problem and propose a solution for a publicly-traded company.

They will solve it not by stating facts and figures or the obvious but by inventing new ways to engage and do business.

I am fortunate to be exposed to the process and am looking forward to partnering with my students, and the Fordham faculty to drive impact and meaningful change for all involved.

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