My son

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎄🕎 😊

I want to take a moment to be grateful for my son Gavin who teaches me so much about pushing through, staying determined, and embracing the journey.

Gavin is always full of enthusiasm and energy:

🎨 Does your garden need to be painted with colors for spring?
Gavin will do it!

📦 Need pulley system to move something heavy upstairs!
Gavin will build it.

 🍋Lemonade stand on a hot Sunday afternoon.
Let’s do it.

Although his energy can be exhausting at times, I’m grateful for his fervor in every aspect of life.

Understanding Gavin’s identity, character, and actions have significantly impacted me as a father, an entrepreneur, a professor, and a marketer.

His eternal enthusiasm for life has taught me to view patience and perseverance, and to appreciate every moment.

Wishing all of you happy holidays. May you find serenity and time for introspection.

And Gavin, thank you for showing me the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment!

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