2023: The Year Of Scale & Impact

As we wrap up 2022, let’s take a moment to recognize all the accomplishments and successes, large and small, that have come our way this year! Reflecting on our progress allows us to stay motivated for what lies ahead in 2023.

For me, 2022 was about documenting my methodology as a coach, consultant, and professor.

In 2022, I taught 15 university classes and met many inspiring students who have changed my perspective on the future of marketing. I designed over a dozen unique class activities/ lectured on every branding topic you can imagine. In addition, I built on my Association of National Advertisers course and delivered it to hundreds of students and several companies.

Based on my experiences as a coach, consultant, and educator, I am currently putting the finishing touches on my first-ever book, Brand Strategy in Three Steps which will be published in the second half of 2023 and is already available for pre-sale!

To make my business operations more organized, I designed a system and built a team to support my work. At the beginning of the year, I focused on offering group coaching; but as I end this year, I have over a dozen customers who recognize and value me – and I them. Not one client interacting with me is toxic – this is an unprecedented moment in my life.

2023 is a time for me to demonstrate scale and impact. I’m arriving at where systems and methods are being established to ensure everyone I collaborate with gets the same effective outcomes. I’m profoundly appreciative of my team’s consistent and inspiring help in making it happen.

What are your accomplishments for 2022 and goals for 2023?

Please take a moment to congratulate yourself for pushing through the obstacles and finding success in all its forms.

It still counts, even if it wasn’t how you expected it to be.

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