Passion vs. Mediocrity: Be a New Green Bo, Not a Big Wong 

My friend and I recently visited New Green Bo restaurant in NYC’s Chinatown and loved it. However, the last visit was the weekend, and there was a big line.

During our outing, I suggested visiting a restaurant from my childhood. Despite the lack of a line, I assumed it was still in business and good. I was mistaken.

Big Wong, a once-thriving establishment, is now a shadow of its former self, which is a stark reminder: mediocrity wilts in the face of passion.

At first glance, New Green Bo seems as unassuming as Big Wong. There is no fancy facade. BUT — Their dumplings? Forget “good,” think “life-altering.”

Now, moving from “dumplings to our daily lives…”

We all face the same question. Will we leave a vibrant mark on the world or fade into the background, a mere echo of our former selves?

To win today, we must embrace passion, not practicality, to truly shine. Here’s how:

🛠️ Obsess Over Your Craft: Pour passion into learning and refining, embracing innovation and resilience.

🔄 Evolve, Don’t Stagnate: Challenge norms, refine relentlessly, and strive to leave a lasting impact.

🤝 Pride in Ownership & Promise Keeping: Commit wholeheartedly, keep your word with integrity, and exceed expectations for enduring success.

Are you prepared to pour your soul into every endeavor, to source with integrity, and to make memories, not just moments?

Remember, the world needs more vibrant individuals, not faded replicas. Don’t let yours be another Big Wong. Be your own New Green Bo.

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