Branding expert Jay Mandel shares insights on finding purpose in marketing and life.

Jay Mandel is a branding expert, business owner, consultant, coach, professor, and author. He has spent over two decades in corporate America, working in global digital marketing at Mastercard and other companies. After being let go from his corporate job, Jay embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and started his own consulting business. He is passionate about helping individuals and brands find their purpose and create meaningful connections with their audience.

Episode Summary:
In this episode, branding expert Jay Mandel shares his personal journey of self-discovery and finding purpose in both marketing and life. He emphasizes the importance of defining core values and aligning them with one’s career and personal goals. Jay discusses the role of managers in helping employees find their unique identity and offers advice on how to tap into core values. He also explores the steps brands must take to define their social purpose and create a purposeful roadmap for marketing. Jay encourages brands to have a point of view, be customer-focused, and embrace experimentation and playfulness. He highlights the power of creating shared value and empowering employees to drive meaningful changKey Takeaways:

Defining core values is essential for personal and professional fulfillment. By aligning one’s career and personal goals with core values, individuals can set a trajectory that is on their own terms.
To find purpose in the workplace, individuals should network, have a platform, and create a custom pitch for every job opportunity. It’s important to differentiate oneself and communicate the value they can add based on their core values.

Brands must go beyond the job description and have a point of view. They should focus on emotions and vulnerability rather than facts and figures. By creating shared value and empowering employees, brands can drive meaningful change and build a loyal customer base.

Brands should embrace experimentation and playfulness in their marketing strategies. They should be nimble, iterate, and be willing to scrap ideas that are not performing well. It’s important to stay relevant and adapt to the changing times.
Consumerism and overconsumption should be questioned. Brands should focus on experiences rather than things and consider the impact of their products and services on the world.

Notable Quotes:

“I realized that if I apply these core values to my life, I can really set a trajectory that is on my terms.” – Jay Mandel
“You need to network, you need to have a platform, you need to have a what. You know, the book talks about when you go from your core values to your simple marketing promise.” – Jay Mandel
“If you’re so rigid and so stubborn, it’s like, oh, we put all our energy in this release, but it’s stupid, but we’re going to keep on doing it. That’s not going to work.” – Jay Mandel

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